Hot water boiler house 420 MW<br />

Hot water boiler house 420 MW

The district is being built in several stages and will include residential buildings, kinder garden, schools, parking lots, shopping malls and entertainment centers, and industrial facility buildings.
The building of the boiler house was built in about 12 months and installation of boilers lasted 2 weeks. Hot water boilers of the mixed type are produced in the range of nominal heat capacity from 20 to 60 MW. Due to the vertical construction of the boiler, we reduce the area required for the installation of the boiler.
That’s why ТТ300 can be easily installed on the place of your old boilers that you want to replace. The boiler supports have movable elements that allow compensating temperature expansions.
Thus we have greatly increased the strength of the entire structure.
The main equipment of the boiler house :
- Boiler ENTROPIE type TT300 60MW - 3 pcs;
- Gas burner "SAACKE", Germany - 3 pcs