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Blow-down, Expansion and Cooling Module (BEM)

These modules are designed to cool boiler water coming from the separator. Water cooled by means of the BEM is discharged into the sewer system.

  • Description
  • Condensate from the top purge BEM is supplied into the mixing chamber of the BEM via the connection pipe.

  • Cold water is supplied into the mixing chamber via the connection pipe. By mixing of source and cooling water the cooling is performed. Cooled water is discharged via the connection pipe.

  • Where cooling down of flash steam vented via the connection pipe is required, top cooling line shall be connected. Electrical motor operated valve shall be mounted on the lower line and, where required, on upper line to control the flow of cooling water supplied into the Blow-down, Expansion and Cooling Module.

  • Valve opening and closing is performed on a signal from a thermostat installed on a specially provided union fitting: for upper cooling line and for lower cooling line.

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