Economizer / STEAM AUXILIARY MODULES / ENTROPIE - Industrial boilers


Separate steel economizers are used as tail surfaces for heating steam boilers with maximum operating pressure of 1.6 MPa (16 kgf/cm2) and are designed to heat feedwater through the medium of the heat of exhaust flue gases.

  • Description
  • Total efficiency of plant is 2-4%.

  • Variety of available versions: mounted at the flue-box and mounted downstream the boiler along the flue gases flow.

  • Operation with different types of fuel: both gaseous and liquid fuels.

  • A built-in bypass line in the housing allows withdrawing heat-exchange surfaces from operation, if such a need arises.

  • Heat-exchange surfaces are constructed of smooth and finned pipes.

  • Access panel is provided in the housing for unconstrained maintenance of heat-exchange bundles.

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