Hot water boiler house 105 MW <br>Sestroretsk, Leningrad oblast, Russia

Hot water boiler house 105 MW
Sestroretsk, Leningrad oblast, Russia

The boiler house is intended for hot water heating system, ventilation and hot water supply of residential, administrative and public buildings of Sestroretsk city near St. Petersburg. Heat supply of the consumers located in close proximity to a boiler house is provided on the four-pipe independent scheme from the heat exchangers located in a boiler room. Heat supply of the consumers located at a distance from the boiler room is provided by means of eight Central heating points. The project was implemented on the site of the previously obsoletely old-fashioned boiler house with capacity of 42 MW.

The main equipment of the boiler room:
- 7pcs. ENTROPIE hot water boilers TT100 with capacity of 15 MW each.
- Complete automation of the boiler house operation processes was implemented that eliminats the need for the constant presence of service personnel.